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It’s true that every website has a character, mission, and a cause of its own; after all, that’s what makes it stand out. But when we heard of Cairo 360, we spotted five things that we have in common, and we couldn’t help but write about them:

1-      The Sense of Exploration and Adventure:

Just as we always strive to explore and highlight some of the less popular sports nationwide, Cairo 360’s team prides itself on being out and about, searching high and low to excavate the hidden gems of Cairo. Whether it’s local restaurants, an old curiosity shop, or even a nightlife spot; there’s always something worth exploring.  

2-      Believing in Our Potential as Egyptians:

Nafess is all about lending a helping hand to all avid Egyptian athletes, who have the true spirit of a world-class champion but are in need of moral and financial support. Cairo 360 might not have the tools to help them pave their professional career path; however, the website enjoys the power of words, shining a light on every Egyptian sports achievement, and supporting Egyptian athletes wherever they go.

3-      Always Searching for the Best:

Nafess evaluates its participants regularly to find the best among them. Cairo 360 does exactly the same thing, but among the many features of the city of Cairo; not just exploring nightspots, restaurants, shopping hubs, and cultural centres, and cafés, the website’s team of reviewers keep track of the standout places to make sure they maintain their standards.

4-      We Appreciate Excellence:

It’s not just about applauding talent, and winning our events; we do our best to give them the chance to shine, both locally and internationally, by giving them valued prizes, as well as finding them a sponsor that will cater to their needs. It’s the same with Cairo 360, whose annual editors’ Choice Awards make sure that each winning venue gets the attention it deserves, as well as offering them a prize and a special sign that recommends the place to the people living in the city.

5-      Love of Events:

While we mainly create events that gather athletes from across the nation to compete, shine, and get the recognition that they need, Cairo 360 follows all the events that take place in the city. Be it sports, arts and culture, or a family event, Cairo 360 is always there to share the experience and motivate others to be part of the happenings in the city.

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Grand Prize: 41000 EGP


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Nafess Tennis Festival Double (2)


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Nafess Tennis Festival single (2)


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Nafess Estimation Festival


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Grand Prize: 50000 EGP


Nafess athletics festival


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Nafess E-Sports Tournament


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Grand Prize: 65000


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